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Spider Martial Arts

Capoeira, Martial Arts Tricking, Stunts, Superhero Fitness, and Sports Recovery 

Founded in 2020 by Eurico Senna, Spider Martial Arts began as an online learning platform for martial arts, movement and fitness -- integrating skills and values of Capoeira to connect and build a new generation of movement practitioners. The world has changed rapidly due to a global pandemic and the world having to adopt new ways to learn, connect, and develop new skills. Spider Martial Arts thrives on this new environment to help students of all ages, locations and abilities to learn, connect and evolve--on the web! 


Spider Martial Arts believes in the ability to adapt and evolve, while staying rooted in Capoeira's philosophy and tradition. Tricking, Parkour, and Stunts are popular skyrocketing arts that can apply and benefit from the dynamic skills of a modern day Capoeirista.


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Eurico Senna

"Coach Spidey"


Adric Tang


Andre Pel

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