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Superhero Stunts! LA

In this weekly action-packed stage combat and tricks class inspired by superheroes, Coach Eurico aka Coach Spidey takes Superhero Fitness skills to the next level for a more technical approach to training!

Fridays 4:30-5:30pm

$30/ Drop-in


1275 Sartori Ave, Torrance, CA 90501


Class Experience


Coach Eurico will teach the fundamentals of martial arts, stunt falls, and tricks as seen in Superhero movies, TV Shows, and video games. Learners will work basic blocks, dodges, attacks, and rolls as well as intermediate jumps, spins, and falls. Superhero Stunts is the advanced version of Superhero Fitness+.

This class explores the attributes of martial arts stunts in a superhero lens. Spider-man’s tricks, Captain America’s jumps, Black Widow’s takedowns, Black Panther’s rolls, Batman’s kicks, Wolverine’s slashes, and more. —CURRICULUM— The Superhero Stunts curriculum is comprised of: - Superhero Fitness+ - Martial Arts Tricking - Theater Improv & Camera Work


This class is structured into two parts:

a) superhero warmup

b) skill focus

c) wrap up/ discussion


Students will interact with me by answering superhero and martial arts related questions, and by showing me their awesome moves! I will also ask about suggestions for superhero movements! So prior knowledge of a few superheroes and supervillains recommended! Best for high-energy kids and kids interested in sports and martial arts! This is a class is taught by a high energy coach!!

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