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Capoeira & Maculele

Capoeira & Maculele are Afro-Brazilian martial arts rich in culture, music, self-defense, and acrobatics. Coach Eurico leads this course by making parallels to modern expressions of martial arts such as Martial Arts Tricking, Parkour, Kickboxing, and fight choreogrphy. This class takes place on Zoom and begins with solo training fundamentals. If you have a partner to train with, you are welcome to invite them for added benefits. If you don't have a partner and want one, we may be able to help you find one.

10x10 Open Space, a punching bag, a chair, and capoeira instruments are required to get the most out of this course, and can be purchased in the SHOP

Class Overview

"8 Gates"
of Capoeira & Maculele
@ Spider Martial Arts

1) Spirit - Malandragem, Malicia, Misericordia

2) Footwork - Rhythm, Positioning, Momentum

3) Defense - Dodges, Falls, Blocks

4) Attacks - Strikes, Takedowns, Weapons

5) Acrobatics - Floreios, Tricking, Parkour

6) Music - Instruments, History, Language, Flow

7) Leadership - Roda, Marketing, Social Activism

8) Cinema - Stage Picture, Editing, Choreography

Teacher Experience

Coach Eurico aka

Professor Homem Aranha

Coach Eurico was raised in Capoeira under his father Mestre Yoji Senna, mother Professora Rebecca, grandfather Mestre Carlos Senna, and step-father Mestre Roque. After being given the nickname of "Aranha" or Spider, he discovered twin underground acrobatic artforms. One called “Martial Arts Tricking” which takes capoeira's kicks flips and twists to the next level. The other now popular sport is known as "Parkour" which uses jumping and climbing techniques to create a dazzling array of ninja-like agility. Lastly, Eurico has developed a deep appreciation for Maculele, which is like the younger brother of Capoeira, sharing many Afro-Brazilian elements but also carries two sticks in hand.


All 4 of these artforms Coach Eurico incorporates into his style of Capoeira. He has been a coach for over 15 years in various academic and athletic spaces as well as performed in various productions, most notably Marvel Universe LIVE as Spiderman & Woverine and also with Ballet Folclorico Do Brasil led by Mestre Amen. Coach Eurico aims to service the development of stunt performance on film and on stage, and to raise the standard of Capoeira in the United States.

Class Structure

1. 30 minutes of movement using the Skill of the Week to learn different applications and varations with creative activities.

2. 30 minutes of music using the Song of the Week to learn history, instruments, Portuguese language, and parallels to American culture to build flow and direction in the artform.

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