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The Capoeira Crash Corse is a comprehensive online program for the absolute fundamentals of the Afro-Brazilian Martial Art Capoeira. No experience is necessary to get started. This program precedes Way Of The Spider This program is a commitment to 1x/week training minimum, and consists of 30 video lessons covering 6 main areas of Capoeira to develop flow, freestyling, and essential combos: Ginga // Defense // Attack // Floreios // Culture // Musicality This program also comes with: 1) a comprehension check after each lesson, 2) a key skills video submission after each lesson for quality assurance and private feedback, 3) and 2 live Zoom calls throughout the program for customized Q&A and technique review. If you already practice a discipline like Martial Arts Tricking, Parkour, Mixed Martial Arts, or Fight Choreography, this is a great way to diversify your skill set or polish your skills with this unique Capoeira Regimen. This program will improve and challenge your mobility, stability, agility, proprioception, ambidexterity, stamina, memory, goal-setting, and recovery. This program was created by Coach Eurico Senna aka Professor Homem Aranha, founder of Spider Martial Arts, under the direction of Mestre Yoji Senna of Capoeira Senavox.

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