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Martial Arts Tricking LA

Learn the fundamentals of Martial Arts Tricking in a group setting that will build your skills safely from the ground up; utilizing safe drills, equipment, and professional coaches with over ten years of experience located in South Bay/Torrance!

Adult Classes: Fridays | 6:00-7:00pm

Kids Classes: Coming Soon!

What is our tricking class like?

Much like tricking, we follow a broad range of approaches to learn not only popular skills such as the backflip, butterfly twists, and 540 kicks, but we cover all bases that are a part of tricking's roots such as Capoeira, TaeKwonDo, gymnastics, breakdance and much more!

Our structured class ranges from technique breakdowns, drills/conditioning and applications of tricking, such as fight choreography, stunts & stunt falls, as well as demos/performance training!

Try your first class free or contact us for more info!


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What is tricking?

Martial Arts Tricking is a new-age sport that is gaining in international popularity. Beyond the high flying kicks, flips, &  twists, Tricking is an athletic & artistic expression of diversity encompassing anything that is movement. It is largely inspired by disciplines such as Capoeira, TaeKwonDo, gymnastics, dance, Karate, Wushu, parkour, freerunning & the list goes on!

Tricking can be seen in nearly all the latest movies such as John Wick, any Marvel movie, Tron: Legacy; Video games such as Marvel's Spider-Man, and is quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon, with practitioners pushing their limits across the world. More than any commercial success, the true beauty of tricking is found in our community!

Community & Open Gym

Come join us Friday Nights at 7:30-9:30pm for Open Gym!

Train at a state-of-the-art cheer facility with mats, trampolines, and two spring floors!

Welcome to all individuals no matter if you trick or not! We are a community of martial artists, bboys & bgirls, cheerleaders, freerunners, acrobats, and beginners just starting their journeys!

Open Gyms are unavailable on the first Friday of each month, so feel free to join us for our community events! Create an account or stay up to date on our upcoming events!

Drop-in : $10

Monthly : $25

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